January 27, 2014

Freakin' Busy - Story 12

Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 (belated). Then, continue.
It was the worst time of the year for me. I really am sorry for not giving back those 2 posts umm.... I freakin' lost it. My school crammed me with weekly tests and finally when it was over and our school was closed for nineteen days which they called a Winter Vacation. In that time and an addition of one week, we were supposed to complete a project of about 60 pages including research, content, pictures and decoration - which is like just a task requiring 20 days. So, you can imagine the fury which passed along with the submission of the projects. You can imagine the "Advanced Cursing" part too.

Still, looking back onto the previous year - I was quite satisfied with myself. Not with marks or extraordinary achievements, mind you. But in reading books, I completed the Alex Rider series, the Hunger Games series, the Artemis Fowl series and the Power of Five series too. I was working my way in and am still doing so about the Diamond Brothers series. As you can see, I read Anthony Horowitz for most of the year and I now freaking love this author.                                     
Well, sadly Russian Roulette, the last book and the prequel to the Alex Rider series was apparently his last book. *sob*.... *sob*..... *sob*....Apart from that, Eoin Colfer did an awesome job too not to mention Suzanne Collins. But it got so boring in Catching Fire and the movie of that made my headache worse. Trust me, I died of boredom. Mockingjay was a bit better, a bit albeit. The Hunger Games was mind-blowing. In fact, that's what got the series moving.
The school then decided to give two tests each week instead of the normal one which freaked me out more. My Maths teacher literally dumped me with 30 pages of Construction, Congruency, Quadrilaterals and Mensuration. I was dying, yeah whatever, dying. Whatever free time I had, I had to spend it on Bioshock Infinite. After finishing Assassin's Creed 3, I moved onto IV, but my gameplay was so bad, yeah soooo baadd, I hastily uninstalled it by getting pissed off. But trust me, Bioshock Infinite is awesome. It's too violent though but it still works out. A tad bit tough - or if you want a proverb, a tough nut to crack. I manage to handle it though. I write this post facing the screams of my mom who's asking me to study as exams are going to break open my door in 1 month's time. I watch silently as Death approaches me. 

I got not a minute to spare. But, in a few weeks time, you will finally see a sequel to the previous story I wrote. In 1 day's time, our class shall go for a picnic to the zoo. So, lets see what happens. 

November 15, 2013

To Home, with love. (= - Story 11

Hello readers, forgive me for my absence (or rather the absence of my posts). I know I owe you 3-4 posts. I will be posting them in a short span of time. In fact, as early as possible. So to say, lets start with recents.

Basically through this whole month, I had made myself cosy playing Assassin's Creed III. Hehe. Currently in Sequence 8. Currently, I am in Bridewell trying to assassinate Hickey.

So, basically I stayed hours glued to this game, while my mother kept calling me for dinner. The game and functions are awesome - Full Sync, Animus Database, etc. But it's a bit taxing on your GPU. The timeline is a bit loose, though.

November (and winter) is setting in. I have a few injuries after Children's Day, so I gotta rest. But all-in-all, Children's Day was awesome. DJ mixing, breaking window panes, cricket, fighting with territorial enemies, we had all. But it was breaking a window pane, not panes though. It was almost melodramatic. Someone throws the ball, points at the batsman for a four and the batsman gives a sixer. Nice. It hits the pane almost like those slo-mo ads we have these days. Bang! And then the whole floor is eerily quiet, as if nothing existed. DJ mixing; my friends Shuchita, Pritam & Sanjana brought the songs. While Sagnik, Rounak and I mixed them (with MIXX). It was awesome. 

We started playing cricket when suddenly a bunch of idiots started playing Basketball in our area. We moved to the Bus Bay and played football there and it was fine unless one of the people in my team stumped his shoe on my toe. Oh, nice. That's when I almost fall comically.
That's all readers, Await a few more in this month.

August 17, 2013

Concentration - Story 10

  I was determined to write a story today and after 5 hours of brain-racking and sweating like a dog I finally produced my first (which I feel) should-be-a-novel story. Just read on and believe me you will be caught up......
  Feedback is welcome.
 Stun Darts
  Derek and Will got down from the public bus hesitantly. Their foster parents had kicked them out realizing that there was no use of these two brothers they had sheltered. But they had no idea of the place they has unknowingly stepped into. The smell of rotten fish and vegetable filled their nose and they were forced to travel along the tide of daily shoppers who came here to buy fresh foodstuff. And they found it too but without the adjective fresh before it.
  The CCTV which had been put across through the city tracked their every move. Even their swatting of a fly was carefully recorded on a hard disk with a capacity to last their entire lives. The people who were sitting behind the desks watching them however didn’t look as if they were going to last till Derek and Will’s death. They were pale and their skin dry and chapped due to the constant air-conditioning. They have been monitoring the boys for seven years.
  Yes, seven years. For seven years, these hairless and emotionless people had been employed to keep watch over these boys. Rarely, they asked for any food or drink. To one single room, more than 400 CCTVs were connected. They were constantly monitored by 80 people. There were four parts of the city – namely, North, South, East and West. And basically 4 groups – with 20 in each. The boys who had abruptly shifted from North to West had again brought a row of sighs from them. A rare sight was seen from these agents – grief.
  The last group of these agents codenamed “Vortex Dragon” was taken to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and shot down. The reason was that they were tired and decided to take a ten minutes’ rest. It turned out that as these agents were monitoring the boys, so were they being monitored by a higher group of people. Usual. But the current group of agents codenamed “Alpine Wolf” were tougher and had much more endurance. Downtime of 1 minute in approximate 525960 minutes. That’s it.
  The members of “Alpine Wolf” were taken to a training facility for elite agents in Iraq. For 1 year, they were on starvation rations –5 litres of water in a day, hard bread thrice a day and chicken stew occasionally. Every day wasn’t the same however. Monday was endurance test, Tuesday was strength test, Wednesday was skill test and so on. All in all, there was absolutely no rest.

May 26, 2013

What's a Bazaar? - Story 9

          Time - 7:30 PM. I wondered why the hell was I on this idiotic crowded street. Can't help it either - it's a shopping street. This area's also called Gariahat and most people living in our city know this place. I stood in front of the shoe store waiting for my father to return.  I stared at the world around me - I stared properly.
          A black tee-wearing guy asked one of the hawkers, "How much does that brown leather belt cost?"
"Rs. 445"
"So much."
And then as usual, he started bargaining (he had to conserve the human nature in him).
"I will pay 300."
"No, Sir. Not that much."
"OK. 330."
"No, no."
I could see the man getting desperate. Restless.
He walked away angrily. I knew his tactic.
"No, don't go. Don't go." the hawker kept screaming.
The people around him didn't seem to mind it, nevertheless.
The guy came back and took Rs. 400, slammed it in his face and said,"400. Final."
"No. Sir."
"Should I leave?"
"All right."
He handed the guy the belt.
"Where is this belt manufactured by the way?"
"Made In Bangkok."
After hearing this, I couldn't restrain myself from laughing. I laughed hell loudly. I  wondered what kind of people these are. I wondered who created these hawkers and shoppers.

          I was standing right across the street. There was a Chinese food shop beside which a car was parked.   I could hear the child whining continuously. My guess was - he was probably asking for some Chinese food and nevertheless he didn't want to waste his calories by getting out of the car. After 5 minutes of this play, a really fat lady came out atlast and had just closed the door when another trial of crying began - a much, much louder one. She had closed the door on the child's finger. The child kept howling and the mother kept howling with him,"I am very sorry! Sorry." Idiots. Blabbering Idiots. It's your own son, dude.

January 01, 2013

Commencing New Year. –check status = boring – Story 8

Today was one of the boring days ever.  Although many people would be against me for making a wonderful day boring, truly my conscience couldn’t help it. To me, it was a normal, average, vacational holiday. Nothing special. Well, the ones next to my house had played loud music the whole night (getting  me stressed out in the process) so I was pretty sleepy the whole day.
Going back to the night, my thoughts too were pathetic – I was thinking of handing over the neighbours to the police. As the night progressed and I was unable to achieve a wink of sleep my thoughts turned weirder  - Why doesn’t someone set fire to their house? Why can’t the trolls steal their babies? Why can’t they just *shush up*? But finally as usual (and as all stories go), I fell asleep.
Now, fresh start for a day. I went to Facebook, talked to some guys and posted a picture which said – “KEEP CALM AND LET 2013 BE AWESOME”.
I turned to my study desk. Homework – Untouched. Project – Untouched. We had 17 days of vacation. Project for 8 subjects. Considering 2 days for each project, I only had 1 day extra. So, isn’t that heartless and all students know it too well.

P.S. Really Belated Happy New Year 2013!

November 25, 2012

The Belated Durga Puja Story - Story 7 - Part 2

Then, after we left that pandal, we waved for a taxi (cab or whatever) which soon arrived - taking the point that this 'soon' was relative to a bullock cart's speed. Well, we arrived (Yes! We did.) Although the journey of 10 minutes took 50, the cab was pretty fast considering that we were confronted with a jam (A.k.a. The Great Wall of Kolkata). One of these photos below are of Ekdalia Evergreen and the other is of Singhi Park (and sorry for the tilted one.) There wasn't much to see out here. As I left the pandals and was returning home,  I still remember the way I was happy. I was tapping the ground continously with my new shoes and humming and getting the lyrics and the tune fixed in my mind:
Walking high with the moon in the sky..........
Walking high with the moon in the sky..........
You might have assumed that these are concrete structures but it's not, you may as well see here.

The Tilted One.

Was about to take the picture from the centre on the pandal but those people suddenly pushed me.